Chimney Lining Installation

When flue tiles are cracked or the chimney is unlined we install a UU Listed insulated stainless chimney liner.  Our procedure is outlined below.

  • We start by knocking out all the flue tiles in the chimney using a drill, metal rods and a knock out tool on the end. The rods spin and break up the tiles into pieces where they fall to the base of chimney.
  • Hythe pulling out pieces of flue tiles and putting them in buckets for removal.
  • Rigid liner wrapped with ceramic wool insulation UL Listed for zero clearance. There is a stainless mesh over the insulation to insure it stays tight against liner in years to come. Ready to install.
  • Installed in sections with four stainless steel screws at each seam.
  • Stainless top plate, storm collar and rain cap at the top of the chimney.
  • In basement liner has opening for stove connection and clean out access.
  • After connection wall is mortared up. High temp mortar is used around the stove pipe connection to allow for expansion without cracking.
  • If this installation was for a stove insert in a fireplace then the liner would be directly connected to the stove collar. Makes for easier cleaning. Brush down directly into stove.

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