Chimney Cleaning and Inspections

Whether it is a masonry fireplace, a factory built fireplace, a fireplace insert or a free standing wood stove, we clean the entire wood burning system right down to the glass doors!  A written inspection report is included with each cleaning.  

The primary reason for a chimney cleaning is to remove as much flammable creosote as possible in order to reduce the chance and severity of a chimney fire.

Our chimney cleaning process begins with us arriving in our Chimney Manns logo van so you know it’s us.  We will text you when we’re 10 minutes from your home if  you would like.  We will have provided you with a two hour appointment window the week before the scheduled appointment date during the reminder contact.

    • We use plastic shoe covers on our feet to protect your homes floors.
    • We use drop cloths and sheets around the fireplace opening.
  • We have different brush systems depending on what type of chimney system we’re cleaning.  The type of chimney will also dictate whether we clean from below or the roof.
  • Whether we clean the chimney from below or the roof, we set up in the home in front of the fireplace or wood stove, so we do need access to the home.
  • For fireplaces, we clean the chimney cap, chimney flue, smoke chamber/damper area and firebox.  We remove all the soot and creosote as we go.
  • For wood stoves, we clean the chimney cap, chimney flue, connector pipes and the stove itself.   If catalytic combuster is present it will be removed and cleaned.
  • We use double filtered vacuum so no dust gets in the home.
  • If possible we will view the interior of flue lining with digital pictures or a video camera.
  • As we clean the entire burning system were also inspecting the entire system.
  • We always try and access the chimney top for inspection. If we can’t safely then we send up the drone.
  • We take pictures as we go to show you any issues we discover.
  • When completed, we will discuss our inspection findings with you.  Anything we discuss will be part of a written inspection you will receive at the time of service.
  • We do clean up after ourselves.
  • The chimney cleaning price includes a complete written inspection.
  • If any repairs are needed we can send you a written work proposal if it’s a repair we complete.  If not we can hopefully refer you to a recommended source.  We do not complete repairs during our cleaning and inspection appointments.