Hythe and I complete all repairs by our self without any additional help. We have no employees and we never sub-contract our work out.

We do not do free estimates.  Before any repairs are made we feel it’s important to inspect the entire burning system top to bottom.  We would be negligent to fix one part of the system when there could be a potential dangerous issue in another part.  So even if you have a specific problem and you would like an estimate for repair, please make an appointment for an inspection and tell us a little about your repair issue.  You can use our online appointment form to save time.  Our normal inpection fee is $170 plus tax for a one story home and $195 plus tax for a two story home.  If any work is completed half the inspection fee will be deducted.

We only complete repair work we’re comfortable and competent completing.

Things we do:

We don’t:

  • Rebuild masonry chimneys above the roof although we do complete stucco chimney recoating. Stucco repair
  • We don’t sell or install wood or gas burning stove inserts or free standing stoves.  Contact the local wood stove store for selection and installation.