Masonry Repair

Depending on the soundness of the structure, brick and block chimneys can be repaired in different ways from clear silicone to seal a few cracks to completely rebuilding it from the roof line up. We have not listed any prices on this page because we always want to view the damage first hand. We will then send you a written evaluation, recommendations and work proposal for your review.

In most cases you have a number of options for repair at different cost levels. Generally, rebuilding a chimney from the roof line with brick is the most expensive because it is very time intensive. You will pay approximately twice as much rebuilding with brick than if chimney blocks are used. If the chimney structure is damaged but sound, a weatherproof, paintable stucco is the least expensive repair and provides a long lasting alternative to a complete rebuild.



Some Products we use:
Tamms SBC® – A fiberated mortar type product we apply to damaged masonry chimneys. Tamms SBC is a less expensive long lasting alternative to completely rebuilding a chimney. It looks like stucco, is weatherproof and can be painted to any desired color after seven days. We apply it in dark tan, gray, dark red brick or brown. Tamms SBC was originally developed to weatherproof the outside of basement foundations and to dry stack cement blocks. Before & After Pictures (picture gallery).

Chimney Saver® – Breathable clear weatherproofing for brick or block. Helps prolong the life of the structure. 10 year warranty.

Crown Saver® – Repairs damaged concrete crowns that sit on top of the chimney. An economical alternative than completely rebuilding the crown if damage is not so severe. 10 year warranty

Flex-flash® – Repairs leaky chimney flashing around base of chimney. Stays flexible. 5 year guarantee.